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Unknown Nepal Treks

Nepal Classic Treks

Take your pick! Nepal is far from short of Classic Himalayan treks. Whether it's the standard trekking route to Everest Base Camp, or the Annapurna Circuit ,a Mustang Trek to Lo Manthang or the very challenging Dhaulagiri Circuit, the choices for a walking holiday in the Nepal Himalayas are just incredible. Then again, in the Himalayas what would you expect? Of course there are many trekking routes where you can stay overnight in trekkers lodges in Nepal. Tea House Treks are by far the most popular.


Things constantly change in the Himalayas, improved road access and the addition of teahouses on the Manaslu Circuit Trek for example. When we first did this trek back in the 1990's it took ten days longer and was wild camping all the way!


                         Now in the Everest, Annapurna & Lower Mustang regions you can now even hike in style and indulge in....




It's reckoned that over 80% of people hiking in Nepal head for the Everest, Annapurna & Langtang regions. That's an awful lot of Himalayas for the remainder to explore!


Around 55,000 set off during each trekking season for Everest Base Camp, yet less than 2,000 trek in Upper Mustang and the Manaslu area. For areas like Dolpo and Nar Phu, it's almost "just a hand full" in comparison.


One thing you need for any of these treks is time as these Himalayan hikes don't fit into a regular two week holiday. 


But we also have plenty of SHORT NEPAL TREKS that will!


Our "Nepal Classic Treks" below focus on the best known treks in Nepal, although some are still "off the beaten track" treks too.


For the "seriously special" treks, which very, very few people undertake as they are both quite extreme and very lengthy....yes, we can and do operate those too. Whether it's a section of the Great Himalaya Trail, Makalu Base Camp, Rara Lake, Humla or the Kanchenjunga region, all you need to do is get in touch!


We don't operate fixed schedule "join a group" tours. SNOW CAT TRAVEL IS EXCLUSIVE all our treks are PRIVATE AND FULLY CUSTOMISABLE only. You can add extra days along the way for rest and more acclimatisation, where practical shorten the walking duration of some days, add in some additional contingency, or even some "chill out" time before and after trek, or anything that takes your fancy!


ALL TREKS are with a professional and licensed, english-speaking SNOW CAT TRAVEL GUIDE*, plus PORTERAGE and INCLUDE ALL MEALS & ACCOMMODATION ON TREK & MORE! *For larger private groups additonal assistant guides are deployed.



Everest Base Camp

Ultimate Everest Trek

Everest The Hard Way

             16 days with 13 days trekking

            Challenging - Max alt.5500m                  

           Hotels & Trekking Lodges

The classic route to Everest. Often described as 'bog standard', we don't think there's anything standard about trekking to reach the base of the world's highest mountain. See our new Everest Base Camp Heli-Trek below too!

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         19 days with 16 days trekking

           Challenging - Max alt.5500m                  

              Hotels & Trekking Lodges

A more challenging & interesting trek taking a detour from the main Everest trail to the glittering glacial lakes at Gokyo. Ascend Gokyo Ri and cross the Cho La on this backdoor route to EBC.

Annapurna Sanctuary & Poon Hill

The Full Annapurna Circuit

Manaslu Circuit

            19 days with 17 days trekking

           Very Challenging - Max alt.5500m                  

                Hotels & Trekking Lodges

For the serious, committed trekker only. A very challenging trek across two high passes to reach EBC. A quieter route by the nature of the more strenuous trekking required. Tough, but exceptionally rewarding and very spectacular.

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         14 days with 11 days trekking

   Moderate/Challenging - Max alt.4300m                  

            Hotels & Trekking Lodges

One of the most beautiful treks in Nepal (in our opinion) up to the classic Himalyan sunrise panoramic view point of Poon Hill and then to the magnificent mountain amphitheatre of the 'sanctuary' and Annapurna Base Camp.


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         20 days with 17 days trekking

          Challenging - Max alt.5416m                  

              Hotels & Trekking Lodges

The best known of all classic Himalayan treks, this is the full version of the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Over the Thorung La, down the Kali Gandaki and up to Poon Hill.  For a shorter version see here

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         15 days with 11 days trekking

       Very Challenging - Max alt.5135m                  

             Hotels & Trekking Lodges

A classic circuit trek of an 8000m peak for the discerning, very capable Himalayan trekker in search of a quieter walking route through a genuine mountain wilderness. Over the Larkya La to the Marsyangdi.

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Dhaulagiri Circuit

         16 days with 13 days trekking

       Very Challenging- Max alt.5370m - 

                    Hotels & Camping

A serious and committed undertaking with a number of very tough trekking days at high altitude. The realm of the experienced trekker only. A journey into a true Himalayan wilderness that goes beyond the definition of spectacular.

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Helambu & Langtang

          16 days with 13 days trekking

           Challenging - Max alt.4773m 

            Hotels & Trekking Lodges

Fine ridge trekking in the lesser trekked Helambu region and across the Lauribina La to sacred Gosainkund Lake. Into the scenic Langtang Valley to atmospheric Kyanjin Gompa. Unspoilt villages and fine Himalayan views.

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Secret Himalayas - Nar Phu

            16 days with 12 days trekking

              Challenging- Max alt.5320m

                 Hotels & Trekking Lodges

There is special, and then there is VERY SPECIAL. This trek into restricted valleys and mountainscapes leads to the isolated villages of Phu and Nar. A glimpse into an unspoilt Tibetan way of life that is earned the hard and satisfying way.

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Tibet & Sacred Kailas

          20 days with 10 days trekking

           Challenging - Max alt.5600m

        Hotels, Guest Houses & Camping

Trek from Nepal and through the Himalaya into Tibet. Visit the holy lake of Manasarovar and complete the Kora around Kailas on foot. To many a spiritual journey, to others spectacular scenery, and for all a tough challenge.


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Forbidden Mustang

          14 days with 10 days trekking

           Challenging - Max alt.4200m

     Hotels & Trekking Lodges/Teahouses

Just the name 'Mustang' fires the imagination. A wild, barren & arid high mountain desert that's more 'Tibet' than Nepal. From Jomsom you journey through this unforgiving yet incredible landscape over high passes to reach the legendary capital Lo Manthang. Returning via a different route.

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Dolpo & The Crystal Mountain

             24 days with 20 days trekking

          Very Challenging - Max alt.5375m

                   Hotels  & Camping

Remote, isolated and by and large unchanged by the few that venture here as a result. The mystical land of Dolpo was both the setting for the Peter Matthiessen classic 'The Snow Leopard' & the Eric Valli film 'Himalaya'. Shey Gompa, Phoksundo Lake and the 'Demons Trail' await the intrepid adventure traveller on this very challenging, fascinating circuit trek to Inner Dolpo.

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