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Unknown Bhutan Treks

WARNING: High risk of Inspiration

Bhutan Trekking Holidays

Trekking in Bhutan remains an authentic Himalayan experience. Chances are that on any of our private Bhutan treks you're unlikely to meet many other trekkers. Unlike Nepal, there's a complete absence of teahouses, even on the short treks. Bhutan wishes to keep its restricted trekking trails for the discerning hiker. As well as the classic, well known Bhutan hikes such as The Laya Trek and The Snowman Trek, there's remote trekking in the Haa Valley, a trek to Gangkar Puensum-the world's highest unclimbed peak (and likely to remain so), plus choices too for short walks. Bhutan spoils the Himalayan enthusiast for choice and the minimum daily tariff imposed on all visitors to Bhutan ensures that the backpacking hordes are kept at bay.


Our In Style Bhutan walking holiday, for example, is a great way of experiencing rural life in Bhutan on foot and doesn't involve camping.


So, whether it's challenging treks in Bhutan or some rather easy Bhutan treks, our range of Bhutan hiking vacations are sure to tick all the right boxes. We don't do group trips, private Bhutan trekking only.

All our Bhutan trekking holidays feature a qualified, experienced, english speaking guide, porterage (usually pack animals) and for treks that feature camping, a full trek camp service is provided (tents, cook, tables, chairs, mess tent, additional porterage etc). You just trek carrying your usual day pack.

Chomolhari & Bonte La

Bhutan Walks In Style

The Druk Path & Beyond

A relatively short, but challenging trek from Paro to see Chomolhari and Jitchu Drake. Returning via the Bonte La to form a mini-Himalayan circuit. Wild, mountain scenery, atmospheric camps with the odd yak herder or two for company along the way.

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No camping on this HOTELS EVERY NIGHT short walking holiday in the magical Kingdom of Bhutan. A wonderful series of straightforward, beautiful day walks including Punakha, Bumthang and the lesser visited Haa Valleys. Dzongs and temples aplenty too.

Haa Valley Wonders

Gangkar Puensum Trek

Ultimate Snowman Trek

The traditional "Haute Route" from Paro to Thimpu. This may be a short trek, but it's very sweet with great mountain views, enchanted forests, chortens and gompas and rural village life. Also includes the trek to Taktsang Monastery.

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"Off the Map" trekking in the wild mountains that border Sikkim and Tibet. This area was only opened to trekkers in 2001 and is one of the least trekked parts of Bhutan. Uninhabited landscapes await the intrepid adventurer.

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A challenging trek to gaze at the world's highest unclimbed mountain, Gangkar Puensum.  This linear route to this magnificent peak gets wilder by the day and into a region of largely unexplored valley systems.

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Trekking from Paro to Punakha via the capital, Thimpu. This fascinating trek is an extended version of the famous Druk Path for those who wish to "boldly go" and hike to the magnificent Punakha Dzong. A hike to the Tigers Nest rounds the trip off nicely.

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Enchanted Realm Short Walks

A nice and easy walking holiday that combines cultural sightseeing with delightful leisurely walks. An ideal trip to Bhutan for those short on time, but wish to see the major highlights of this beautiful country. HOTELS EVERY NIGHT.

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The Chorten Trail

We offer BOTH route options for this world renowned major Himalayan adventure. The Snowman Trek is considered to be one of the toughest treks in the world. Lonely Planet says so, so it must be! A serious undertaking for experienced, very fit trekkers only.

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The Laya Trek

If you love mountain walking and may only trek in the Himalayas of Bhutan once in your lifetime, we strongly recommend this trek. Going beyond Chomolhari Base Camp to Lingshi and then onto Laya. Spectacular and breathtakingly beautiful.

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Hand-Crafted to Perfection

13 Days -  9 Days Moderate Walking- Max altitude 4210m - 5nts Hotels - 7nts Camping

11 Days -  9 Days Challenging Walking- Max altitude 4900m - 3nts Hotels - 7nts Camping

12 Days - Easy/Moderate Walking- Max altitude 3900m - 7 day walking- 11nts Hotels

10 Days -  5 Days Moderate Walking- Max altitude 4210m - 5nts Hotels - 4nts Camping

11 Days -  7 Days Challenging Walking- Max altitude 4600m - 5nts Hotels - 5nts Camping

18 Days -13 Days Challenging Walking- Max altitude 5400m - 6nts Hotels - 11nts Camping

8 Days -Easy/Moderate Walking-Max altitude 3100m-5 days short walks-7nts Hotels

30 Days -27 Days Very Challenging Walking- Max alt 5300m- 4nts Hotels- 25nts Camping

18 Days - 13 Days Challenging Walking- Max altitude 4900m-4nts Hotels-13nts Camping

Plan your visit to Bhutan to coincide with a colourful festival - See our Bhutan Festivals page for more

All our example Bhutan Treks visit The Tigers Nest - Taktsang Monastery

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