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Unknown Amankora Bhutan

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Step inside the Tenzingling

Bhutan Hotels

The Bhutan hotels that feature in our suggested itineraries are for representative purposes only are listed below. We feature these as being typical examples of accommodations of a reasonable 3* Bhutan Hotel standard that comply with the rules and regulations of the Bhutan Tourism Council and which are included as part of the Bhutan MINIMUM Daily Tariff. The hotels you will stay in on your custom Bhutan tour may be different than these but of the same standard than these that are featured. It's fair to say that hotels in Bhutan often don't live up to the expectations of the visitor, particularly as Bhutan is a rather expensive destination. The costs of visiting Bhutan are more a reflection of the minimum daily tariff that all visitors to Bhutan must pay as directed by the Bhutan Tourism Council. In reality most tourist hotels in Bhutan are "much of a muchness" and are likely not to be your most memorable of the many memorable experiences a visit to Bhutan affords. Most hotels serve dinner as a buffet affair featuring Bhutanese and International dishes. Bedrooms are not always heated and plumbing in Bhutan can leave a lot to be desired.


However, in recent years a new breed of Bhutan Luxury Hotels has emerged and for our Bhutan Luxury Tours we feature the Amankora Hotels of Bhutan, part of the Aman Resorts Group. Needless to say, these 5* Boutique style hotels come at an exorbitant price as they are outwith the MINIMUM Daily Tariff.


Whether you decide to opt for the standard class of Bhutan Hotels or a Luxury Bhutan Hotel it is always worth considering that the monetary cost of visiting Bhutan is essentially reflecting the rather exclusive nature of Bhutan as a destination. One that the Bhutan Government determined from the outset of tourism back in the 1970's would be exclusivity set and limited by a very different rule. This makes Bhutan very, very different to (say) Nepal. In "dollar for dollar" comparison to Nepal, then Bhutan is pretty poor value. In reality in Bhutan you're paying a higher price simply for being in Bhutan. One that must be considered as being a privilege to enter a country that wishes to remain culturally intact and not be despoiled by being over run by tourism and the negative impacts mass tourism often brin


  All the hotels that comply with the rules and regulations have en-suite western style bathrooms.



Tenzingling Hotel-Paro, Bhutan

Tenzingling Hotel

A modern hotel situated on the outskirts of Paro with good valley views. The 21 bedrooms are comfortably appointed, reasonably spacious and are all en suite. The hotel is classified as 3* by Bhutan Tourism. Wifi is available and as well as a bar and restaurant, there's a comfortable lounge area as well as a small bakery.

Galingkha Hotel, Thimpu, Bhutan

Galingkha Hotel

This centrally located small hotel has just 17 well appoined en suite bedrooms. There's free wifi and all rooms come equipped with a flat screen TV (if you really need one). There's a bar and restaurant serving, Bhutanese, Indian and International dishes. There's even hair dryers in the bedrooms

Step inside the Galingkha

A fairly modern, family run hotel with 20 en suite rooms and rated 3* by the Bhutan Toursim Council. Located on a hillside above the Punakha Valley there are great views from the hotel gardens and many of the bedrooms also have balconies. The hotel has a bar and dining room.

Meri Phuensum Hotel, Puankha, Bhutan

Meri Phuensum Hotel

Step inside Meri Phuensum




Dewachen Hotel, Gangtey, Bhutan Raven Crown Resort Hotel, Trongsa, Bhutan Wangdichholing Lodge, Bumthang, Bhutan

Dewachen Hotel

The hotel consists of 16 well sized and charming rooms built in the traditional Bhutanese architectural style each with a good en suite facilities. Each of the rooms has a wood-burning stove (bukhari) for heating. The property is surrounded by three acres of land and is just few minutes walking distance from the marshes where the endangered Black Necked Cranes spend the winter months.

Step inside the Dewachen

This lodge in Jakhar is a beautiful example of traditional Bhutanese rural style. This guest house and comfortable and cosy guest rooms with simple en suite facilities and is renowned for its Bhutanese home cooking. There's free wifi in public areas and this guest house has been 3* rated by the Bhutan Tourism Council.

Wangdichholing Lodge

Step inside Wangdichholing

Overlooking the amazing Trongsa Valley and the Trongsa Dzong, Raven Crown Resort is built around a set of oak trees giving it a natural and tranquil atmosphere befitting its natural surroundings. The hotel has 37 rooms (all en suite).

Raven Crown Resort

Step inside Raven Crown

Amankora Resorts - Luxury Boutique Hotels

We feature all the Amankora Luxury Boutique hotels within our luxury Bhutan Cultural Tours. Created by Aman Resorts the Amankora Bhutan Collection consists of five stylish, elegant and luxurious properties, each constructed in a traditional lodge style fashion. You can indeed upgrade to an Amankora Hotel on all of our Bhutan trips where they exist. This will be stated on the the individual trip overview page. Although there are now quite a few Bhutan Luxury Hotels, demand often outstrips supply, particularly during Bhutan Festival periods. Although we have featured Amankora we're also happy to advise on other luxury hotels. Bhutan is now indeed home to two COMO Uma Luxury Hotels in Paro and Punakha.


NOTE: Luxury accommodation in Bhutan is not included in the MINIMUM Daily Tariff and comes at a very high additional cost


                 Amankora Luxury Lodges are to be found at the following locations: Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Bumthang and Gangtey.


                                       To see more about each Amankora Bhutan Hotel, please click the links below

Amankora Paro Amankora Thimpu Amankora Punakha Amankora Bumthang Amankora Gangtey Bhutan Luxury Hotels- Amankora Thimpu Snow Cat Travel

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